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Langley Avenue

Contrasting Jana

I once stayed in an amazing 50’s style hotel In Palm Springs. The hotel was originally built by the producer of “Lassie”. According to the hotel staff, this producer wanted a place where his crew and their families could retreat occasionally.  Consequentially, it seemed more like a compound than a retreat, but what a beautiful place.

America: Land of the Free; Home of the Brave

Freedom Fest 1

This picture is part of my "America" series.

The 2012 Freedom Fest jointly celebrated Canada Day and the Fourth of July.  We watched the fireworks with hundreds of thousands huddled on barricaded Detroit sidewalks.  The police stood in the open streets patrolling the crowds.

Milky Way

Milky Way

I was amazed to see the Milky Way Gateway with my naked eye. Even more amazing was the ability of my phone’s camera to come close to capturing this vision in the night sky. The image was shot using the Oppo camera app and then edited in the phone using the Snapseed app.

Tony Cobb at Work

The Pianist, Tony Cobb

I had the pleasure of taking the website promo photo for this talented musician, Mr. Tony Cobb. Here’s a shot of him at work. Stop by Wolfgang Puck’s Bar and Lounge at the Hotel Bel Air for a great show every weekend.

Tony's website